Ube Crinkle Cookies

3 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
130g unsalted butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup ube puree + some dry blue pea flower( steam n blend smooth add some sweet condensed milk)
1 cup powdered sugar

Mix & sift dry ingredients – flour, baking powder and salt.
Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg.
Add in ube pure then gradually add in the dry ingredients.
Cover the bowl with cling wrap and chill for 4 hours or overnight.
Take abt 1 ice cream scoop, roll the cookie dough into balls and coat with powdered sugar.
Bake at 180 degree C for 13-15 minutes or until done.


老妈子糕点王国的食谱-沙谷金瓜球因为外形很漂亮, 我把她改名为-水晶南瓜和菓子 😊

金瓜泥- 100 g
糯米粉 – 200g

薯粉 – 30g
水 – 适量
食油 – 2大匙
细砂糖 – 2大匙
沙谷米 – 100g (浸泡20分钟,捞起沥干)
花生馅: 花生碎 200g + 幼糖100g + 1 tsp 盐拌匀

金瓜泥做法: 蒸熟大约100g金瓜, 压成泥。
1. 把全部材料混搅拌均匀,揉至光滑面团。(除了沙谷米和花生馅)
2. 手粘少许油,取出一份20g面团,搓圆,压平,包入花生馅料。
3 然后粘上沙谷米,放在塗上油的桑叶,水滚后,以中火蒸15分钟至熟


Mango mousse cake

Note: this recipe has a lot of mousse to compare with cake portion.

Chiffon cake


3 large egg yoke

25g fine sugar

40g oil

50g mango yogurt drink

20g mango yogurt

50g super flour


3 large Egg white

60g fine sugar

1 tsp lemon juice


1.  In  a large bowl, use the handwhisk to mix egg yolks and sugar till sugar has dissolved.  Then add in vegetable oil, yoghurt, mango yogurt drink, mix well.

2. Shift in the flour , mix till well combined.

3. In a clean bowl, whisk egg whites till foamy, add lemon juice. gradually add in sugar, whisk till  peaks form.

4. Take 1/3 egg white fold in egg mixture into the egg whites, than add all egg white and fold slowly. Pour in the ungreased 18 cm round cake pan.

5. Bake in a preheated oven @ 160 deg C for 35-40 min. Test with a skewer till it comes out clean.

6. Remove from oven and immediately invert cake onto a wire rack to cool.

7. Once cooled, unmould the cake and let it cool completely.

Mango Mousse :

17g Gelatine Powder

60g Hot Water

300g Whipping Cream

3 Tbsp Icing Sugar

300g Mango Puree (1 medium mango flesh blend with 1 small pax mango yogurt n abt 100ml yogurt


1) In a mixing bowl, whip whipping cream with icing sugar to mousse state. Refrigerate to chill.

2) In a small bowl, dissolve gelatine powder in hot water. When the gelatine powder is fully dissolved, add to mango puree.  Mix well.

3) Add the mango mixture to whipped cream. Mix well till incorporated.

4) Use a 18cm inch cake ring (or spring form pan), place a layer of cake and pour in mango mousse, or use a large piping tip to pipe the mixture. Let it slighlty set for about 10 minutes in the fridge.

5) Lay another cake layer and pour the remaining mousse. Let it set for 30 to 45 minutes in the fridge.

Decorate with mango slice n strawberry


3 Layers Sago Tapioca Kuih Talam

Bottom layer

350-400g tapioca – grated n press access water

160g sugar

150ml thick coconut milk

1 tbs custard flour

2 tbs tapioca flour

Medium layer

150-200g sago, wash access powder (2-3 times)

Soak in pandan water for abt 1 hour. Drain dry.

50-60g grated coconut

50ml thick coconut milk

80g sugar

1tbs hone kuih flour

2 tbs tapioca flour

Top layer

150-200g sago, wash access powder (2-3 times)

Soak in blue pea flower water for abt 1 hour. Drain dry.

50ml thick coconut milk

80g sugar

1tbs hone kuih flour

2 tbs tapioca flour


Mix all ingredients of bottom layer, pour into about 10″ round pan (layer with banaa leave). Steam medium high heat for 15-20min.

Mix all ingredients medium layer, pour on the tapioca layer, steam 15 min. Repeat the top layer, steam for another 29-25 min.

Let completely cool before cut into pcs. Can eat with grated coconut. Put in the frigde taste better.


350-400克木薯, 磨烂然后挤出多余水分。


150ml 新鲜浓椰奶



盐 1tsp



浸泡在班兰水中大约1小时。 滤干多余水分。






盐 1/2 tsp


浸泡在蝶蓝豆花水中大约1小时。 滤干多余水分。






混合底层的所有成分,倒入约10“圆形盘(铺一层香蕉叶在盘底层)。 中火蒸15-20分钟。

混合所有中层材料,倒在木薯层上,蒸15分钟。 重复顶层,再蒸汽29-25分钟。

待冷却后切块, 可以沾嫰椰丝吃。放冰箱冷冷更好吃! 😋

Purple sweet potato bread

Sweet Potato Puree

198g Milk ( i substitude with abt 150ml water 25g milk powder)
300g Bread flour
24g Sugar
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Instant yeast
25g Unsalted butter

I am using Kenwood bread maker program 8 to make dough. I try to knee the dough for another 10min b4 its proof. Proof abt 40 min.

Due to i have smaller baking tin. I seperate the dough into 1/2. 1/2 to make 8 pcs 4small pumpkin kaya bun

Another 1/2 dough split into 4 pcs. Flaten into long oval shape n roll.

Proof another 40 min. Bake in 170 degree C for about 20-25 min.



Pumpkin kaya

  • 500 grams of pumpkin
  • 5-7 Pandan Leaves
  • 100-120 grams of condensed milk 
  • 250 ml  of thick coconut milk

Steam the pumpkin until soft. Put all the ingredients (except pandan leaves) into a blender and blend until as fine as possible. I used double boil method cook about 40-50 min until it thickens. Constant stirring also required. If the jam thicken until a stage whereby when you stir, the line appeared on the jam, it is considered as done. Cool completely before storing in sterilized glass container.