About Me!


美食和健康往往都是背道而驰的!我佩服那些为健康而放弃美食的人,不过对我而言,‘Life is Too Short’! 我还是选择美食。

1000462_657167917627715_2008042341_n This is the ‘portrait photography’ done by my lovely son, Zhi Yang.

533544_552436064767568_1544306271_n_副本Family trip to Universal Studio, Osaka, Japan in 2012



20131209_100657Family trip to Kota Kinabalu Dec 2013

Hi! I’m a Malaysian, married & having 2 active & healthy boys. I love cooking, travelling & food. The activities I enjoy the most is cooking with my little boy &amp, even more happy if my hubby loves my cooking!

I created this blog is becoz I love to cook & I would like to share my cooking experience with those food lover out there. I always get a lot of informations, recipies & ideas from other food blogers. I really appreciate their sharing & I hope I can do the same.


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