Pandan Kuih Kosui

20151120_064104 20151120_064023

Seems everybody likes this recipe. Must try n keep! 😁

Recipe adapted from Bernice’s kitchen

Ingredients :-

Rice Flour 125 gm
Tapioca flour 25 gm (i use 15g green bean flour + 10g tapioca flour)
Caster sugar  110 gm (i use 100g, just nice)
Pandan Juice 500 gm (i use 450ml, perfect!!)
Alkaline water 1/2 tsp

Abt 150g young shredded coconut, add 1/2 tsp salt, steam 5 min

Prepare the steaming cup by greasing it.
Mix all ingredients in a big bowl, strained it and cook to thicken by using double boiled.
Preheat steaming wok , put in steaming small tea cups (abt 15 cups) and steamed for 3 mins
Then add in the batter, steamed at high heat for 25 mins.
Let cool completely before unmoulding


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