Potato bread

IMG_20150902_213336 IMG_20150902_213245


300g high protein flour

70g sugar

1/2 tsp salt

20g milk powder

1 egg + fresh milk = 160g

6g instant yeast

150g mash potato

50g butter

Topping : 150ml fresh milk + 2tbl castard powder + 2 tbs sugar. Stir in double boil water to thicken or microwave for 30 sec stir well n another 30 sec.

Method : i’m using Kenwood BM250 bread maker. Put all the wet ingredients, milk, eggs and mash potato at ghe bottom. Add flour. Sugar, salt and milk powder at the corner and yeast in the centre.

Program 8 for making dough. I let the machine knee 2 times.

After rised, release air,  split into desire size (16 pcs for normal size n 30 pcs for mini size), roll into ball n place in greased 10″×10″ baking pan. Let it rise again for 20 min.

Apply egg wash and topping.


Bake in preheat oven 160-170 degree C for 25 min.




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