White Chocolate Strawberry Snow Skin Mooncake





Kao fen (糕粉-cooked glutinous rice flour) for dusting only

150g  Snowskin flour (i use RedMan brand premix)
30g    Crisco/shortening
65g Water (boil 300g water with 4 pandan leaves, leave to cool) and measure mix with natural color (i have blue flower, dragon fruit & green tea powder)

White Chocolate filling:

A.  1tbsp Irish Bailey

350g Beryl’s goumet white chocolate – cut in small pcs

B. 2 egg yolk + 1 tbsp milk + 1 1/2 tbsp custard powder – lightly whisk

1. In a double boiled heavy source pan, heat A & melt. Once hot, leeve the heat & melt all chocolate. Pour B slowly & stir. put back to double boiled & stir till thicken.

2. Cool down & keep in the fridge for abt 2 hours before use.

3. 10 Small strawberries


  • Combine  snowskin flour  in a big bowl and shortening together with color water.
  • Measure dough to 35g and wrap in  filling + 1 strawberry about 30g.
  • Roll it into a ball and dust with some kao fen (kao fen 糕粉) and press firmly into mould ~ unmould and store in an airtight container.
  • Chill snowskin mooncakes before consuming.




150g 冰皮月饼粉 (RedMan 牌)

30克 白油

65克 香兰水 (用4片香兰叶打结和500毫升水,一起煮滚待凉)+ 天然颜料




  • 将面团分割成每份35克,馅料+草莓30克,搓圆。
  • 把面团包入馅料,搓圆。
  • 在模具内撒少许糕粉,即可入模压花。
  • 将月饼收进盒子,冷藏数小时即可享用。

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