Coffee Marble Chiffon Cake

20140412_171333_副本 20140412_171021_副本 20140412_171210_副本


蛋黄 5个
鲜奶 110克
奶油 50克

自发面粉 90克-过筛
Vanilla 1 茶匙
蛋白 5个
柠檬汁 半茶匙
细砂糖 80克
2合1 咖啡2包(我用越南咖啡)+1/2汤匙热水


5) 倒1/3面糊如2合1咖啡,轻轻拌匀。分层倒如蛋糕摸,用筷子搅出花纹。
6)烘烤后,立刻取出倒扣,待完全凉后才脱模享用。** 烤箱热度只供于参考**

5 egg yolk
110g fresh milk

50g butter

1 tsp vanilla
90g self raising flour (sifted)

5 egg white
1/2 tsp lemon juice
80g caster sugar

2 x 2in1 instant coffee (i use Vietnamese coffee)


1. heat coconut milk, butter and pandan juice over a heavy saucepan till butter has completely melted, not boiling.
2.  immediately sift in flour when 1 still hot. set aside to allow it to cool a bit
3 slightly beat egg yolk, and pour the above flour mixture into egg yolk. incorporate well
4 beat egg white till frothy, and add in lemon juice
5 continue to beat egg white to shiny stiff peaks whilst adding in sugar in 3 additions
6 fold egg white into egg yolk mixture in 3 additions and

7 pour 1/3 batter  into pan 2in1 coffee, mix well. Don’t over mix. pour batter into mold & use chop stick to do marble.
8 lightly tap pan against the bench and bake cake in preheated oven of 150-160 degrees C for 45-50 mins
9  revert immediately to cool before unmoulding




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