Almond Crunchies Caramelo 香脆芝麻杏仁南瓜子脆片




Supper easy & yummy biscuit!

材料 Ingredients:
杏仁片 Almond flakes  ~160克/g

南瓜子 Pumpkin seeds~100克/g

黑加白芝麻 black sesame seeds-30克/g ,

麦芽糖粉 Caramelo powder~150克/g(我买这个牌子的Bienetta I use Bienetta~(会贵点不过很香很好吃)

1)将全部材料混在一起,用汤匙拌均匀待用 Mix well all ingredients
2)在一个长方型的烤盘铺上油纸再均匀的把(1)铺平在烘培的油纸上, evenly spread on backing tray (lined with wax paper)
3)先预热烤箱 以150 烘烤15~20分钟直金黄色即可(切记烘烤的时侯要看火候喔,不然很快烧焦的)Bake in preheat oven 159-160  degree C for 20-25 min. baking time depending on individual oven.
4)烘好之后要立刻切(最好是用切pizza的刀比较方便又容易),不然硬掉就很難切了,切好后把油纸翻过来往上拉下即可 cut into desire size with pizza cutter when hot.

Recipe adapted from Lifang & Berry


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