Cooking in Kota Kinabalu

We have our family trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK) in December 2013. My hubby is so crazy about the seafood in KK! we work up at 5am & went to the KK wet market at 5.30am before sunrise just to ‘catch’ the FRESH seafood.

We arrive the wet market before 6am, there were so crowded with the local people! we were ‘squizing’ in between of the locals. there were 50-60 seafood stalls in the open air wet market, but they only selling those small & cheaper fish. RM2-5/kg! What my hubby really looking for was the 七星斑 (Star Groper),大老虎虾 (Sea Tiger Prawns), crabs etc.

Finally, we manage to find the area that sell those good stuffs not far away! We just ‘grabs’ whatever!


993804_737477586263414_719895171_nBIG Sea Tiger Prawn (RM100/kg)

1451414_737477746263398_1713647198_n 1456087_737477696263403_770129426_nThe backyard kitchen at Palm Beach Villa

1463982_737477819596724_1446837258_n1 1468603_737859752891864_577013779_n1A simply oven grill Tiger Prawns & Crabs (with sea salt & butter)

1497694_737477772930062_1958893524_n1Sweet & sour crabs

1424411_737479752929864_1756723875_nSteam fish by my hubby

1502575_737859896225183_1536726980_nFried meehoon with crab




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