Portuguese Grill Fish



1 kg fresh fish – we use stingray

banana leaf

aluminium foil

tamarind juice – 300ml

sugar & salt to  taste

cooking oil

galangal – 3 small slice

lime leaves – 3

ladies finger – 5-6, cut into thin slice

Chili paste, grind all the following ingredients:

Red chili paste – 300g

shallots – 15-20

lemon grass – 4-5 stalks

onion – 1

shrimp paste – 20-30g

buah keras – 6-8

Method :

Heat oil, cook the chili paste. Add galangal & lime leaves. Add Sugar & salt, Tumarine juice. cook till chili pasty turn ‘oily’

take about 30-40 min.

Lay Banana leaf on the aluminium foil. put some chili paste & lay  fish on top, on top of fish, put some more chili paste. Grill on dry & hot pan. cover it & turn when 1 side cooked.







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