Indulgence Chocolate Filling Snowskin Mooncake

738a Pandan snowskin

P1050743_副本 The colour come out very contra & nice. Taste good too!

P1050741_副本 Edited colour!

P1050742 True colour.


I’m trying to do a very rich & real chocolate filling snowskin mooncake, but most of the recipe mix with lotus paste where its not really i want.

So, i start experiment again!

Chocolate filling:

A. 2 tbsp milk + 1tbsp Irish Bailey

50g Icing sugar

180-200g semisweet chocolate – cut in small pcs

B. 2 egg yolk + 1 tbsp milk + 1 tbsp custard powder – lightly whisk

1. In a double boiled heavy source pan, heat A & melt the icing sugar. Once hot, leeve the heat & melt all chocolate. Pour B slowly & stir. put back to double boiled & stir till thicken.

2. Cool down & keep in the fridge for abt 2 hours before use.


120g ‘Gao Fen’ = 糕粉 & 70g Icing sugar, Shifted

35g shortening

Pandan leave juice + cold water = 120-130ml

Rubbing the shortening into flour. Do not overmix. rest 10 min.

about 35g skin with 30g filling, i make into 10 pcs of mini mooncake. dust some gao fen before mold.

Chocolate filling result – although i got the taste & texture that i want but its quite sticky though! you may use some icing sugar to help to make into a ball if too sticky.


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