Chocolate Banana Cake

1473011_740260829318423_2018965024_nfor my 16th Birthday boy

579708_740344639310042_419054691_nWishing him healthy & cheerful always!1505682_740344649310041_1652581530_n



DSC01110_副本 Holiday Retreat!

DSC01087_副本 Basic Chocolate Sponge Cake

DSC01088_副本 Cut into even 2 pcs

DSC01090  Spread choc whipped frosting & banana

DSC01094_副本 Pour Choc glace

DSC01109_副本 ENJOY!!

Basic Sponge cake


A. 4 eggs + 1 egg yolk

135g sugar

B. 110g cake flour + 1/2 tsp baking powder – shifted

C. 20g cocoa powder – disolved in 20g cooking oil (a bit hot), 20g milk + 20g honey / syrup, a pinch of salt

D. 2 big Banana, cut into 1/2

Method :

Beat eggs & sugar till pale about 10-15 mins. Add C, mix well. Add B & mix with spatula. Pour into 8″ round pan (grease & line). Bake in preheat 150-160 degree C for 40-45 min.

Whipped Choc frosting

Whipped 250ml whipping cream  with 50g icing sugar till peak foam. melt 2 tbs cocoa powder,  1 tsp instant coffee + 1 tsp vanila  with 1tbsp of warm water.  add into whipped cream & continue to beat till mix well.

Note : make sure the utensil are cold, put the mixing bowl & blender into freezer 20-25 min before use.

Choc Glace

120 g heavy cream

150g semisweet chocolate

50g butter

heat the heavy cream in the heavy source pan, take away from heat once hot. meil the chocolate & butter, mix till shine glace.

Note : keep in the fridge for 2 hours before cut & serve.


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