Modified Kuih Serimuka









Bottom layer Ingredients:

A. 450g glutinous rice (wash & soak for 5-6 hours). take 1/3 to soak with the blue flower water.

B. 100ml thick coconut milk, 120ml water, 1tsp salt & 2 tbs sugar

C. 30-35 Blue flower add 100ml water, boil 10 min to get the color. 3-4 Pandan leaf, banana leaf  (to lay at the bottom)


1. Drain glutinous rice & steam for 10 min with pandan leaf.

2. loosen the glutinous rice with chopstick. sprinkle some mixture of B, steam for another 10 min. & repeat the steps another time.

3. mix both color cooked glutinous rice while hot. pour into mold (8″x8″ square), press firmly.


Top layer ingredients:

350g orange sweet potatoes

100g tapioca flour

30g rice flour

100ml thick coconut milk

150ml water

150g sugar

Method :

1。Steam sweet potatoes till soft & puree while hot. mix will all ingredients till smooth. pour on the the bottom layer and steam another 25-20 min. keep cool & cut into pieces & serve. ENJOY!!


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