Beautiful Blue Flower ‘Cake’ 美丽的蓝花糕

blue kuih

The Skin 皮的做法:
Glutinous flour 糯米粉 250g
Tapioca flour 木薯粉 30g
sugar 1 tbsp 糖1大匙
cooking oil 2 tbsp 食油2大匙

1. 放入盆里 add enough water to make into dough in a mixing bowl.

2. 煮沸一小锅水,把大100g的面团,丢进煮成熟面团。boil a small pot of water, boil about 100g dough till float (cooked).

3. 取出熟面团,再与面团搓揉均匀. mix the cooked dough witn 1.

4. 再分成所需要的等份(大概有20粒). devide into about 20 pcs small dough.

5. 取一份粉团,压成圆片,放入馅料. press the small dough into thin (about 1 cm). put some filling & make into round shape.

6. 再用饼干夹,来夹出纹路. use the biscuite press to make flower design.

7. 蒸约5分钟. steam about 5 min

Filling : you can use sweet red bean, lotus seed, yam or green bean paste.


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