Thai Paprik



squid 2-3, cut to slice
chicken breast meat – cube
brocoli 1/2
celery 2 stalk
carrot 1/2
big anion 1
garlic 4 cloves
cooking oil 3 tbsp
dry chili – 2-3
Kaffir leaves – 2-3
Lemon grass – 2 stalk
lemon juice – 1 tsp

tom yam paste – 2 tsp
chili source – 2 stp
fish source – 1 tsp
soya source- 1 tsp
sugar – 1 tsp

heat oil, add garlic, dry chilies & onion fry till fragrant. add chicken stir fry 5 min. add all vege ingredient, fry for another 5 min. add squid & all source ingredients. stir fry another few min. Done. serve hot with steam rice.


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