Nyonya Chang 娘惹粽子



Make about 20-25 pcs


1kg glutinous rice, wash & rinse 3-4 times till water clear, add all saesoning (800g soak in clear water & 200g soak in blue flower water overnight)

20 pcs bamboo leaves (washed & soak overnight), 40 hemp strings/nylon strings, 40 pcs 4cm long pandan leaves,

salt, sugar, 5 flavor herbs & pepper to taste

•1 kg pork belly

•10 shitake mushrooms (soak n diced)

•10 sweet dry winter melon (diced)

•12 shallots & 8 cloves garlic (pounded to paste)

Seasoning: pepper,4tbsp coriander powder dark soy sauce, sugar, salt to taste

Method :

1.Clean and wash pork belly, drained. Bring 800g of water to boil. Put in the pork belly and cook for 20 mins (stock reduced to 2 cups). Drain and dice pork belly finely. Reserve stock that has been used to boil pork.

2.Stir-fry garlic and shallots paste till fragrant. Add pork, mushrooms and winter melon then stir-fry thoroughly. Stir in seasoning except corainder powder.

3.Pour in the stock and continue cooking in low fire for 30 minutes.

4.Add in coriander powder and cook till the stock almost dry up. Set aside. (The filling can be prepared 1 day earlier).

5.Rinse glutinous rice which already soak overnight. Drain and mix with oil and seasoning.

6.Take 2 pieces of bamboo leaves stacked together. Fold near bottom 1/3 of leaves and shape into cone. Spoon in 1 tbsp glutinous rice. Add in filling then cover with 1tbsp glutinous rice. Top with a pcs of pandan leaf before folding the bamboo leaf over.

7.Wrap into triangular parcel. Tie securely with a hemp string.

8. boil in (put 2 tblsp salt) in boiling water for 3-4 hours.

Recipe modified from Jane’s Corner


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