Fried Teochew Mee Diao (炒潮州面条)


Its not easy to get good handmade Teochew Mee Diao now aday. A real good 1 is very smooth in texture & un even in size.


Teochew Mee Diao 200g boil in boiling water to soften, don over cooked! or it would be sticky when you fried.
Pork cube 200g (with a litter fat better)
pork fat – 50g, fried to extact the oil + 2 tbsp cooking oil
dry shrimp
bean sprout 300g
Ku chai 100g
soya source to taste

heat oil, add garlic, shrimp, pork stir fry for few min. add mee diao & stir fry another 10 min. add soya source, bean sprout & Ku chai. serve hot.


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