Curry Wild Boar


Inredients :

A1 Curry meat premix paste
wild boar 500g (cut into desier pcs)
potato 3-4 (boil till soft, peal skin & cut to pcs)
fresh coconut milk RM2
Cinnamon stick 1
clove 3
curry leaves
lemon grass 3 stalks
salt & sugar to taste
cooking oil 3 tbsp

i normally add aditional spices, make to paste
small onion 10
lemon grass
fresh ginger 2 inc
Buah keras 5

Heat oil, fry add herb paste till lightly brown, add curry leaves, cinamon; clove; premix A1 curry paste. stir in meat, cover & cook for min. add some water cover; cook till meat turn tender. add coconut milk & potato; cook another few min. add salt & sugar to taste. Done! serve hot with steam rice, tumeric glutinous rice or even roti chanai!! ENJOY!!!


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