Lotus Leave Steam Sticky Rice 荷叶饭


2 cups glutinuous or sticky rice – soak for at least 3 hours
1 cup normal rice
4 pieces chicken thighs, seasoned with five spice powder, sesame oil, Chinese wine, dark and light soya sauce, sugar and pepper.
5 Chinese dried mushroom – soaked and cut into cubes
11/4 cup dried shrimps, wash and soak
5 cloves garlics and 10 shallots – chopped
1 pair of Chinese sausage – diced into cubes
1 piece Lap Yoke – soak in hot water, then remove rind and diced into cubes
Enough Chicken Stock to cook the rice
Oil for frying
Lotus leaves for wrapping
Note : adabted from lilyng2000.blogspot

Soak two lotus leaves till soft (takes a few hours).
Boil the lotus leaves in hot water. Wash the leaves under running water. Drain, dry and oil the leaves.
Heat wok with a little oil, fry the lap yoke and lap cheong , remove and leave aside..
Fry dried prawns till fragrant then add garlic and shallots .
Add in chicken, mushroom and all the ingredients including the rice. Continue to fry until the rice has been coated with oil.
Sprinkle chicken stock into the rice and continue stirring. Add some dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, pepper and continue to stir and add in more chicken stock until rice has soaked up all the stock and about half cooked (more stock will give a softer texture to the rice)
Let the rice cool a bit for easier handling
Put the lotus leave in a huge bowl, pour in the rice mixture. wrapped it up and cook in the pressure cooker. It may take very much longer if you steam in the conventional way but I with the pressure cooker, it takes only 10 minutes


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