Wholemeal Pumpkin Bao 全麦金瓜包




20130707_190550_副本IMG_0091IMG_0086Try this healthy Pumpkin Wholemeal Yam Bao

Cooks in 60 minute Serves 6-8
Chinese, Breakfast


A. yam filling – 1 medium yam,
sugar -150-200g
corn oil – 60ml

B. Coconut filling
1 shredded coconut (not too old) on white part
Sugar – 100-120g
Pandan leaves – 3-4
corn starch 1 tbsp with some water

bread flour – 400 g
wholemeal flour – 100g
pumpkin puree- 200-250g
yeast – 11g
shorterning – 2 Tbls
warm water – 100-150ml

Yam – steam yam till soft, make into puree, add suger & corn oil when hot.
Coconut – stir fly at low heat with all ingredients accept corn starch water. about 15-20 min, add the corn starch & stir another 3-5 min.

mix all ingredients B. knee till smooth, covered; rest for 50-60 min or double the size. devided dough into 50g, put some yam paste inside the dough. make it into ball (any shape you like). rest another 10-15 min. steam for 10-12 min.


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